Tiree Wave Classic - FINAL RESULTS

We are awaiting the final heat sheets so we can provide a full report but in the meantime, here are the overall results from Tiree Wave Classic:

1st Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer)
2nd Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer)
3rd Sarah Kellet

1st Mike Archer
2nd Ben Page
3rd Tristan Levie

1st Dave White
2nd Kyle McGinn
3rd David Edminson

We will have a full report as soon as the crew returns to wifi world!

Report by Nigel Treacy, BWA Chairman.

Doubles Day and THE QUICKENING

Following yesterday's full day of action, Thursday brought even more wind and waves and with it there were more shock results;

The Pro Championship event had finished by Tuesday but with 5 of the top British pros still on the island of Tiree, event organisers Puravida along with the BWA and RedhandedTV organised the first ever Last-man-standing pro knockout event aptly named 'The Quickening'.

5 of the top pros go out for a 10 minute heat with the the top 4 advancing. The top 4 do the same with 3 advancing. You get the picture...... until after 40 gruelling minutes of fierce competition...."There can only be one".

And the man to raise the Tiree Wave Classic 2014 is Phil Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou) with Aleksy Gayda (RRD/RRD) in second and Andy 'Bubble' Chambers (Pryde/JP) taking third place.
Whilst this Pro event results won't count towards the 2014 championship, we are sure to see a return of 'The Quickening' in future.


Another fantastic days sailing from the Ladies fleet who are ripping at the moment. Justyna Sniady (Simmer, Simmer) dropping 2 rounds to arch rival Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) but still 8.2 points ahead she is now impossible to catch. Bibby will be happy with her day as she overtakes Kellet but with a further day's sailing there may still be chance for Kellet to retake the 2nd.


Ben Page and Tris Levie provided the most excitement today. Tris sitting in joint 7th at the start of the double elimination managed to advance past 3 sailors to finish in an impressive 4th overall place. If that wasn't impressive enough then SWA sailor Ben Page threw in a repeat performance of 2013 by also advancing but this time Ben fought from 3rd place to get his first overall win at this event. 13 year old Freddie Ide now sits in a very impressive 4th place. Not bad for a young man competing in a fleet beyond his age!


Standout performance of the day must surely go to big Dave White who started in 4th and charged through four rounds to finish in first place. Kyle McGinn will be hoping for a re-match with a day to go.

There still remains one more day of possible competition.Head Judge Willy 'Angus' MacLean has planned this to be at the legendary Maze on the west Coast of Tiree. The Maze is a notorious venue offering bone-crushing swell and waves to match. This tour has proved that the results can change as quick as the wind and if tomorrow does deliver at the Maze we will be in for more shocks and surprises.

Report by Nigel Treacy, BWA Chairman.

Tiree Wave Classic 2014 - The 'IDE' of the storm!

What a difference a day makes. After the first full day of competition all remaining fleets have now completed their single eliminations. The ladders are now loaded for the double eliminations with 2 full days of epic conditions to come.
Sailor of the day has to be 13 year-old Freddie Ide who enteered as a youth and went on to make the final of the Ams fleet today!

Could Freddie be the next Philip Koster and can be seen here swapping tips with the 'other' World No.1!

And if that is not enough.....we await 'The Quickening'.... This will be a shootout to remember as  five of the UK best Pro wavesailors go head to head in a new competition with a brutal format....all will be revealed.

Here are the results from the singles and the ladders loaded ready for the doubles....

Mike Archer continues to lead the pack and now sits in first place with local boy Scotty McDowell in second. Ben Page will be eager to wrestle the first place of Archer but it will take a mighty effort as he needs to defend against young gun Freddie Ide before taking down Scotty and then Archer. is it possible? Ben did it in 2013 when he came back through 7 straight heats. Mike and Scotty will ber nervous.
Sailor of the day, Freddie Ide will also be looking to advance further and ruin the party of the Am sailors.

Tour leader Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) collected another solid win with an amazing 5 wins. Sarah Kellet also had an impressive day with 4 x 2nd places. Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) in 3rd place as we wait to hear from the judges if there are any more heats to run in the remaining 2 days.

The Masters fleet is one of the most fiercely contested competitions. Kyle McGinn is currently sitting in 10th place of the tour but that didn't stop him taking down the formidable tour leaders to nail his first BWA win.  Tour leader Craig Hamilton, will have his sights firmly set on regaining valuable places in the double to distance his lead before the final Cornwall event. Previous tour champ Big Dave White will also be chomping at the bit in the double.

Congratulations to Geoff Hautman and his team for delivering his first BWA comp.

Report by BWA Chairman, Nigel Treacy.

Tiree Wave Classic 2014 - HEATS ANNOUNCED

The event officially began on Friday 10th October but with bright sun and blue skies, all fleets are still on hold awaiting the wind which is due to arrive in the next few days.

All fleets have been kept busy preparing and partying by event host Puravida and the BWA team. yesterday the competitors met for a beach competition clinic and local pancakes.

This years judging team have now announced the heat sheets and they are as follows:


Just one point separates the top two British pros; Phil Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou) and Ben Proffitt (Simmer/Simmer). With only two events remaining on the tour everything is to play for as these age-old rivalries battle it out here for the Tiree winners sword.

With Adam Lewis (North/Fanatic) and John Skye (RRD/RRD) absent from the event the door will also be open for Andy Chambers (Pryde/JP), Dave Horrocks (Gaastra/Tabou), Aleksy Gayda (RRD/RRD) and Sam Neal (Simmer/Simmer) to grab vital Championship points.


The race for the womens Champion is tighter than ever before with only 0.3 points separating Justyna Sniady (Simmer/Simmer) and Sarah Kellet. Sarah Bibby (Simmer/Simmer) is also here threatening to spoil the party with her eyes on a Tiree win. Again the women's fleets are due to complete by Tuesday but there is a possibility that they may extend as PWA La Torche event has cancelled its women's wave entry.


Mike Archer is currently sitting equal 1st with Mike Wand-Tetley both on 39.7 points. But the shock of the event is the absence of Wand-Tetley who failed to show. Up and coming hot shot, Ben Page will liven the competition up as one to watch and we also have Scottish star Scotty McDowell and RAF talent Russ Jenkins returning to fight for the Ams sword.
Freddy Ide attends Tiree for the first time as the only youth. This young man will be one to watch as a future BWA Champ and PWA contender.


The senior of the fleets, the Masters should never be confused with being sedentary. On the day and in the wildest conditions these 'old gits' are as good as the pros and can pull off the most breathtaking stunts. RAF boy Craig Hamilton currently leads the pack and with a 6.8 lead may be impossible to catch but that won't keep previous Champ Dave White and BWA Tour Manager, Geoff Hautman from a fierce battle. Throw into the mix previous Tiree Champion and Scottish favourite, 'Big' Davey Edmiston who arrived on the island looking to bring the Masters sword back to Scotland again. Nick Ide, Phil Anson, Kyle McGinn and Andy Page attend Tiree for the first time. Any one of these could also sneak the sword away!

Report by BWA Tour Director and Chairman, Nigel Treacy.

Tiree Wave Classic - Schedule and Event Pack

As part of our push to saving the planet, all event packs are being made available online. It is the responsibility of each competitors to access and read the info.

Click here for this year's Event Pack which includes the full event program;

Or click here:

The event HQ will be the Tiree Lodge Hotel. Daily briefings will held here with updates displayed on the White BWA board. Each night entertainment will be at the Tiree Lodge. The schedule listed is a guide and may change according to conditions etc. ALL EVENING ENTS AT TIREE LODGE.

Friday 10th         
11.30am – 1.30pm                  Registration: PRO/LADIES (Tiree Lodge Hotel)
1.30pm:                                   Competition: PRO MEN ONLY
Evening                                   Opening ceremony welcome evening
Saturday 11th
9.30am                                    Registration: LADIES (Tiree Lodge Hotel)
10.00am                                  Competition: PRO MEN & LADIES
Evening                                   Beers at the Lodge

Sunday 12th
9.30am                                    Competition: PRO/LADIES
1.00pm – 1.30pm                    Registration: AMS/MASTERS/YOUTH (Tiree Lodge Hotel)
2.00pm                                    Competition: ALL FLEETS       
Evening:                                  TBC

Monday 13th       
9.30am                                    Competition: ALL FLEETS
Evening:                                  BWA Open AGM

Tuesday 14th       
9.30am                                    Competition: ALL FLEETS
Evening:                                  Prize giving – PRO MEN & LADIES
                                                BIG TUESDAY with Tommy Armstrong          

Wednesday 15th
9.30am                                    Competition: AMS/MASTERS/YOUTH
8pm                                         Jim’s big Whiskey night
Thursday 16th
9.30am                                    Competition: AMS/MASTERS/YOUTH
Evening                                   Open Mike night with TOMMY & MUZZA    

Friday 17th
9.30am                                    Competition: AMS/MASTERS/YOUTH
7.30pm                                    Prize-giving at Tiree Lodge
10.00pm                                  Band: FOREVER YOUNG …don’t miss!!!!

1st possible starts will be 30 mins after each competitors briefing

If we get early wind be prepared for an early start! So keep an eye on timings.

Tiree Wave Classic 2014 - PRE-ENTRY NOW OPEN

Click here to direct to the pre-entry page:


PROS: 10-15 Oct
AMS: 12 - 17 Oct
LADIES: 11-15 Oct

Remember, Pre entry entitles you to any pre-entry discount offered by the Event Host. ALL competitors will still need to register at the event prior to competition.

Tiree Dates 2014 - CONFIRMED

Firstly thank you for your patience. Those who have been following our efforts to deliver this year’s  Tiree Wave Classic will appreciate the difficulties providing staff and Judges due to the new PWA La Torche event. Our options became limited with ferry timings and crew availability.
However, thanks to the efforts of the working team we are now able to provide the dates below:

Ams (Ams, Masters, Youth)
Registration:  11.30 – 13.30 Sunday 12th October           Prizegiving: Friday 17th October

This later start gives more travel time with a 08.45 ferry from Oban arriving at Tiree for *12.45 allowing a good 45 minutes to registration which is only 5 minutes from the ferry port. First announcement will be 14.00 with first possible start at 14.30.

Pros (Pros men and Ladies)
Registration: 11.30 – 13.30 Friday 10th October              Prizegiving: Tuesday 14th October

Calmac provide a 05.45 – 09.05 ferry allowing time for those arriving Friday.
Ladies first competition will commence Saturday and we will also accommodate Saturday entries for ladies arriving that day.
With a Tuesday night finish, this year’s Pro event will start a day early to allow 5 full days of competition. There is a 10.15 – 13.00 ferry departing Tiree on the Wednesday morning.

Key points:
* To allow a full 5 days, Pros will commence Friday with prize giving Tuesday evening.
* Due to popular request, Ams start a day later (Sunday) allowing more travel time.
* There will be 5 days of Ams comp in total with 3 days of Ams-only comp (Wed-Fri).
*The above registration times may be amended accordingly if the ferry is delayed.

See you in Tiree.....

The BWA Team