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BWA Wave Tour Magazine: Rhosneigr Edition

The British Wave Sailing Association are pleased to announce the first edition of the BWA Wave Tour Magazine is now available to view online or as a downloadable PDF.

The first issue provides coverage of the first tour event that took place in Rhosneigr this April, there is also a number of interviews and features with tour members and some of the UK’s top names in wavesailing and windsurfing.

To view the first edition of the BWA Tour Magazine online please follow the link below:
View BWA Wave Tour Magazine Online

If you would like to download a copy:

Interview with BWA head judge and 2015 competitor Mark Hosegood

How long have you been a judge for the BWA? What experience do you bring to the sport?

I have been a judge for the PWA since 2007 but I came into the BWA a few years ago. I was one of the UK pro windsurfers and always tried to compete on the world tour but had serious injuries, it was after one of those injuries that the PWA approached me to judge so I got into it that way. 

I've been around for donkey’s years in many different capacities; coaching, running shops, testing equipment, judging!

What are you looking out for when judging?

We’re looking at the difficulty of move, how clean it’s landed, how much flow and speed there is and the style.

On a personal level I like to see things done with speed and flow, I dislike things that are forced when they shouldn't be, they should be integrated in with what conditions allow.

What attracted you to Wavesailing?

I like the freedom of it, personally doing it, it’s a feeling of flying when everything go’s quiet and you’re really high. Its constant thinking, speed, flow, movement and adjustments.

Describe Wavesailing to an outsider?

You know those cold, wet, windy days where people don’t want to go outside? Were the ones that are out there having amazing fun! Floating, jumping, looping, flying! When everyone else thinks the weather is miserable we think it’s wonderful and it’s great to see.

Who are you sporting heroes?

When I was a kid my hero was Robby Naish. Also Francisco Goya, Jason Polakow

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into Wavesailing?

Come to the events! If you’re into windsurfing and you want to get into Wavesailing just because it’s a national event don’t let it put you off, you learn an awful lot by being here.
When I started out I used to learn more in one week in this environment than I would in 6-9 months trying to do stuff by myself. It raises your aspirational game, you learn a lot, the people are really cool and friendly and really generous with their advice.

What's the best piece of advice you have to give about Wavesailing?

The best thing I've learnt is that if it’s going wrong, it go’s wrong for all sorts of people, just take 10 minutes out then go back out there.

Where is the future of Wavesailing headed?

If you look at what the top guys are doing on the world tour it’s like seeing something out of a computer game, what was impossible 5 years ago is now the normality in competitions. What’s impossible now won’t be in the future, more rotations, higher height – pretty radical!

Best trick you've ever seen?

Philip K√∂ster doing a higher jump than I have ever seen any one do with a stalled forward loop then landed planing full speed and that was when he was about 16 years old!

Any insights for this year’s competition?

In the pro fleet it could be pretty interesting we have current and past world tour competitors. I'm coming back this year after having not competed for years! Who knows, it’s difficult to say who will win it, on any given day the top three could change completely.

Quick interview with BWA judge Michael Archer

We caught up with Michael Archer whilst waiting for the wind to kick in at the Rhosneigr event...

How long have you been a judge for the BWA and how did you get into it?

3-4 years. I have competitive experience in sailing and windsurfing but after injuring myself I couldn't compete for a while and I started helping out with student events and then I got asked to help judge, it progressed from there and I ended up judging more serious events.

What are you looking out for when judging?

An overall good standard of Wavesailing, ability to ride in all sorts of varied conditions, making the most out of what’s in front of you.

What attracted you to Wavesailing?

I used to do a lot of competitive sailing but I got fed up of it, I went to university and they had a windsurfing club, I got introduced to both Windsurfing and Wavesailing, it’s the perfect cross between the two for me.

Describe Wavesailing to an outsider?

Surfing with a sail but you can do big jumps and flips. It’s a cross between motocross and surfing on the water without the hardboard.

Who are your sporting heroes?

Kelly Slater and Robbie Naish

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into Wavesailing?

Come along to these events, it will give you access to people who can give you advice on training and technique, on where to go and what to do. Also have a really good go at it overseas and get some lessons when you’re out there.

Where is the future of Wavesailing headed?

Tricks will get bigger and more impressive, over the last ten years the level even at amateur is better than it was at pro level 10 years ago, hopefully it will keep progressing year on year with better tricks and a higher standard than ever before.

Best trick you've ever seen?

Triple forward loop

Any insights for this year’s competition?

It would be interesting to see how Adam Lewis is going to do, I'd like to see what he can bring, I think he pushes the top pros the most out of anyone.

The Mailing Room Sponsors British Wavesailing Association in three year deal

The Mailing Room have agreed a three year sponsorship deal with the British Wavesailing Association in an effort to help expand the presence of the sport through marketing that will aim to attract new spectators and competitors to get involved.
In addition to marketing, sponsorship will provide vital investment to the BWA allowing youth representatives and coaches at BWA events to help develop the next generation of champions, continuing to inspire growth long-term.
The Mailing Room is putting youth windsurfing development at the forefront of its BWA objectives and will be announcing exciting new plans on this in the not too distant future, so stay tuned for news.
Geoff Hautman of the BWA said “We are very excited to have TMR as our principle sponsor. The relationship is more than just financial; they are also helping with logistics and most importantly marketing. This is already paying dividends, injecting new ideas and energy into the BWA, that will help us reach out to not only more windsurfers, but to people outside the sport entirely. We are confident that the relationship will result in a growth in interest of British Wavesailing.”
George Bevan, Managing Director of The Mailing Room added “It is in the interest of TMR to assist the BWA in both the elite competition and in its efforts to grow UK Wavesailing. I have been a passionate amateur windsurfer for 20 years and it is great to be able to put something back into this great sport. I hope that our support can help the BWA and Wavesailing in general to reach a wider audience and encourage people of all ages to get involved. I am sure that the publicity will help our business and maybe it even creates an excuse to get me out there more often.”
The sponsorship agreement comes in time for the first of the three championship events of 2015, starting in Rhosneigr on the 22nd of April. Registration is open to anyone who wishes to participate in a number of categories –
The BWA is the competition body for wave sailing and provides information about how to compete in the UK Wave tour. Run by wavesailors, for wavesailors.
The Mailing Room helps over 7000 customers explore a more comprehensive view of mailing equipment, services, support and postal discounts. Find out more

Dates for 2015 Announced

BWA announce dates for 2015.
2014 was a great success for the BWA with a lot of new competitors joining the fold. There are changes for 2015 that should fuel this momentum.
2015 starts with a change to recent tradition, in place of the Wales-Ireland double bill, we have extended the Wales event at Rhosneigr. Not only will this give more opportunity for all fleets to complete a double elimination, but Funsport will be hosting more entertainment and an industry supported equipment demo.
We are very sad to not be taking the tour to Ireland this year but lack of entrants, in large part due to escalating ferry costs has lead us to try something different for 2015. We thank Spillanes, Jamie Knox Watersports, Kathleen and the Kerry Sail Company for their indispensable support over the years and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
Then after a summer break we head North for 7 days of amazing Scottish hospitality at the Tiree Wave Classic. Two weeks later the tour heads to the deepest south for the final event in Cornwall where the leaders will fight out the coveted Championship titles.
As always, the dates are provisional but at present there is no reason to change for Ams.
Rhosneigr, Wales:
Pros & Ams 22-26 April 2015
Youth/Juniors (under 20yrs) 25th&26th only
Tiree, Scotland:
Pros: 9-16 Oct 2015
Ams: 11-16 Oct 2015
Cornwall, England:
Pros & Ams :30 Oct – 1 Nov 2015
We are also including the facility to extend an additional ‘Pro Forecast Day’ of either 29 Oct or 2 Nov for Pros only.
This day will be added at the discretion of the organisers.

Geoff Hautman
BWA - UK Tour Director